Enlightening Minds & Empowering Hearts!

The Noor Campus will be a a place to learn a place to grow community for you an ideal community a place to relax and enjoy a source of pride for Muslims

The Noor Campus will be a gymnasium full time Islamic school masjid daycare and education center social services center

The Noor Campus will be a self-sustaining catalyst that will attract, engage, and retain families to grow a united and strengthened Muslim community in the Southern Tier. The Noor Campus aims to serve the educational, religious, and social needs of Muslims in the Southern Tier.

Gymnasium & Event Center

Full Time Islamic School

Upgraded Masjid

Youth & Lounge Spaces

Parks & Green Spaces

Social Services Center

The Noor Campus Location

Located at 996 Reynolds Road, Johnson City, the Noor Campus is 21 acres large, which is 10x the current Grand Ave location! It is nestled in a private suburban neighborhood, next to Johnson City School District, and in close proximity to shopping centers, apartment complexes, and 1 minute from the highway

Why a new campus?

Alhamdulillah our Muslim community has grown tremendously that we now require expanded facilities. Our local Islamic school (TCA) has reached its full capacity and is turning students away. Our current masjid is not ideal or suitable for expansion due to lot size, lack of green space, neighborhood, and surrounding buildings. We hope to build a campus that does require us to move every 20 years!

Our Team

The Noor Campus Team is responsible for making key decisions, updating the community, and making sure the project is completed in an appropriate and efficient manner.

Br. Asif

Core Team

Dr. Ehtisham Siddiqui

Core Team

Br. Hanif Dandia

Core Team

Br. Misbah Qidwai

Core Team Member

Dr. Rashid

Core Team Member

Br. Arshad Fasih

Core Team Member

Imam Anas Shaikh

Core Team Member


Land Purchase
We hope to purchase our land, and have a presentation on what the vision of Noor Campus is.
April 15, 2023
Site Plan
We hope to have a community approved and city approved site plan by the 1st quarter of 2024.
Q1, 2024
Land Development Phase
We hope to raise funds and have the pre-construction and land development done
Q3, 2024
Building Plans
We hope to have a community and city approved floor plan and cost of construction in hand.
Q4, 2024
Alhamdulillah, the Noor Campus Team is working diligently on the site plan with local engineers and architects. We are currently receiving ecological tests, topographical surveys, and boundary surveys before meeting with engineers. More details will be announced soon inshallah.
On Saturday, April 29, 2023, a community town hall and presentation were held at the masjid to discuss the needs of the Noor Campus and to give an understanding of what the project will be and how it will move forward.
Please click here to see the presentation.

The Noor Campus Project Located on 996 Reynolds Road, Johnson City, New York

Yes, Insha’Allah we can Invite visitor after the Project Plan is finalized.

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